Comments: I wish books had all the answers.

Gah, your name/info thing STILL doesn't remember me. Remind me never to sleep with it, because I would so regret it in the morning.
As for your story thing, I realized something while reading it. You sounded a lot like me, with my shit-I-did-today rambling. You know what's sad? I enjoyed reading it.
People called you a "queer" for wearing too-short shorts? Your reason, supposedly, was you were too lazy to buy new shorts. I can't think of anything more typical of a straight male than being too lazy to buy clothes. These were probably the same people who called me a slut for making out with my boyfriend at a school dance. (Hello? BOYFRIEND?!!) People are dumb-asses.
How is the lunch line different this year? I wouldn't know. You people with lunches think you're so great.
Japanese song: sounds like the Barney bag song. That sentence really doesn't sound right.
Be a techie for Les Mis! Techies are amazing!
Switch into one of my classes, 'cause I'm awesome.

Posted by at September 1, 2004 10:24 PM

Well, the main reason that it won't remember you is because your "privacy" settings are too high. To change it, go to tools, internet options, privacy and set it to accept all cookies.

Posted by kit at September 2, 2004 11:11 AM

Eh... right, carry on :)

Posted by Nastiban at August 20, 2005 04:18 PM
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