Comments: A few quick remarks on Super Mario Sunshine

I haven't played Sunshine yet but from your review (and others), I'm probably not going to. Have you ever played Luigi's Mansion? I never tried that either and didn't think it looked too good, but haven't read any reviews of it.

Posted by ESJ at December 4, 2004 12:19 AM

     Yeah, Luigi's Mansion is a great game. I really liked it (even though I have yet to beat it), but there are a few downsides. The gameplay has a tendancy to get a tad repetitive, due to the fact that you're only goal is to suck up ghosts. The plot was at pretty funny/interesting, and it was kinda nice to see Luigi shine for once. In other words I'd recommend it. But allow me to digress on the Mario game:
     I would actually recommened getting it, but just never actually beating the final boss. The gameplay is plenty fun, and it'll explain all those weird colorful blobs you see running around in those new Mario franchise games. The only thing that's really blatantly BAD about this game is the plot and the voices. And even then, the only two people who are actually important (and actually talk) are Baby Bowser and Princess. Mario doesn't actually speak (except for when you touch flames or lava in which case he screams "MAMA! AHHAHAHAAAA!") and so the only times that the game involves voices is at cutscenes and the final boss. Eh... whatever, make your video game buying decisions. And if you want a real recommendation?
     Buy Ikaruga. Awesome game. Almost impossible, but still fucking incrdible. Note: I've beaten this on easy but I can only get to level 3 on normal (note: level 3 out of five).

Posted by Kit at December 4, 2004 01:42 PM
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