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Hippocritical. This blog requires ebergy. The internet access you have requires money. You talk of less trash, but you produce as much as anyone else. You can preach, but can you listen? Either buy a hybrid, cut your internet access and use a library, and turn off your computer. And for someone who watches anime, you buy trash, so I fail to see how you are better than anyone else. Your television requires energy. Give up your computer and television for a month, then talk. You are right, but, your tone is way off for someone like you

Posted by at February 19, 2005 09:46 PM

     Ummmmm... I'm not condemning electrical use, I'm condemning oil use. While certainly you could point out the obvious flaw here (many/most power plants still use fossil fuels, so to condemn fossil fuel use and still advocate electricy is rather contradictory), power plants are much more highly regulated than other fossil fuel using appliances. So while still being harmful to the environment, it's not nearly as bad.
     Besides this, I plan to aim for a hydrogen car as soon as I can afford one. The first car I buy (not the one that I currently drive), I plan to make it a hybrid.
     Anime? Trash? Thanks for cutting down what millions of people watch on a daily basis to one word which is expressly YOUR opinion. As well as that, the Anime I buy I keep. It's not like I buy anime and chuck it right into the trash once I've finished watching it.
     And besides all of that, you make the general assumption that I'm condemning the production of trash in general, which, while in part is true, is a stupid assumption (mainly because simply by existing as a human being I produce waste like packages for many things). What the main point of this argument is for people who throw away recyclables. Recyclables make up about 10 - 13% of what is actually trash.
     I myself am an avid recycler and in fact, we actually have oversized recycling bins that we specially ordered. And please note that we use these extra recycling bins while still only producing 1 trash can of trash. We also maintain a compost pile in our backyard and reuse all of our plastic bags from grocery shopping. On top of all that we normally cook all our food from scratch, and therefore avoid producing extranious waste in the form of packages and unknown resturant wastes. We donate most of our old clothes to collection agencies along with some of our old furniture. So allow me to ask ou this: How many of the things that I listed above do you do? Please don't be a dick and assume I'm spraying all of this out of my ass. I hope you realize I effectively destroyed any argument you had, and yours did nothing to reduce mine.

Posted by kit at February 19, 2005 11:31 PM

I apologize, thats not what I meant about Anime. I meant that if you dont like it its not biodegradeable. It costs energy to produce, it was part of your post, so I just used that, while I dont like it, its none of my buisness, sorry about that. And I misunderstood about your article, I thought thats what you meant. In that case you can talk about recycling. I am just used to lectures about trash from people who use more than me. Hybrids are tought to find though. I do some of those things, but I also dont pretend I do them. Good to see that someone cares about the enviroment. I wasnt trying to insult you, or destroy your argument, in fact I was trying to make you realize that you should do that stuff. I apologize for any misunderstanding

Posted by at February 20, 2005 08:39 AM
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