Comments: Well, I almost ready to come home am.

let me correct you again, its huzzah not huzza. i wish i had comments. i have a 46:19 ratio of posts to comments. WIRELESS IS EVERYWHERE BZOO BZOO BZOO BLAM BLAM BLAM on a trip to the doctors i detected 37 networks, and on a ride on the bethesda 8 i detected 124 networks, including ones with SSIDs such as 1337 w0r1d, Team Turtle, and mejdhsnaquj. about 80 percent of them had no passwords and about 50 percent still had the default SSIDs. about 40 percent were linksys. gotta love peoples obliviousness.

oh! and ABC7 ACTION NEWS did a spot on "wirless hackers" and showed these two stereotypical nerds running around with laptops snort-laughing. they said that "hackers" can "steal your credit card information" and "destroy your hard drives" all wirelessly! now anyone with a laptop in public will instantly be harrased or looked at negatively! GREAT!

Posted by the guy who isnt louie at May 2, 2004 11:23 PM
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