Misc. Items

     These are links that lead to other Non-business related sections of Kit Korp:
  A Homestar Runner mirror is on my site. It now has the "Jumpin' Jacks" page and "Marshmallow's Last Stand" pages, as well as all the old sb-email intros and a few other old things. http://homestarrunner.kitkorp.com
  I have a blog! Visit it, it contains some offensive language (Not much!) but otherwise is an semi-exciting thing to read! Check it out! http://kit.kitkorp.com
  Scuzzstuff.org is my games website. Nothing on there has any direct affiliation with kitkorp.com
  For those who have a "proxy pass" (If you don't know what it is, you don't have one) the url is here Proxy
  A program to convert romaji to hiragana: http://hiragana.kitkorp.com